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How to balance risk in volatile markets?

June 21 | 5pm | Level 6, Building 4, Emaar Square, Dubai

What makes some investors revel in danger and others flee at the first sign of market volatility?

The answer to this question is in Behavioral Finance- sub-field of behavioral economics, which proposes psychology-based theories to explain stock market anomalies, such as severe rises or falls in stock prices.

While risk is mostly viewed as a negative term and something we like to stay away from, it is directly proportional to the reward. As global markets have fluctuated wildly, investors have been indiscriminately cashing in their investments, panic selling as times get tough.

Join our session to understand how to balance the risk using different trading strategies and learn the role of Behavioral Finance in taking investment decisions.

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How to balance risk in volatile markets?

Date: June 21, Time: 5 pm